Summer of Screams is going to be about our favorite haunted attractions not just in Michigan, but all around the Untied States!
We are going to advertise them and explain a little bit why they are our favorite.

We aren't just going to do the list ourselves, we want you guys to give us a list and we will have it up on our website and our newsletter.
Now we also want to here from each of our members on what is their favorite haunted houses, or hayrides.
Now to send in your list just email us at
motorcityhorrorclub@gmail.com and just give us the list and we will put it up on the site and news letter!

| Top Five Haunted Attractions of 2010 |


Saint Lucifer's Haunted Asylum

Grand Blanc, Michigan


Saint Lucifer's Haunted Asylum is really crazy, and scary. It has great effects,
and it's still an old school type of haunt. Not too many special effects, but it still has some great scares.
If your looking to get scared this is the place to go.

The Scream Machine

Taylor, Michigan


The Scream Machine is one of my favorites, and we go to it every year.
It has great special effects, and great scenes in it. The "Hellevator" is one of the best parts of the haunt.
It has good scares, but the effects is what captured my vote.

Demonic Demons

Detroit, Michigan

Demonic Demons is absolutely crazy. It's a very in your face type of a haunt. They do
things that I have never ever seen at a haunted house. It's not suited for everyone.
You have to know it's in your face, and it will give you a scare
unlike any haunt anywhere else.

The Extreme Scream

Waterford, Michigan


The Extreme Scream is one of my favorites. I go to it every year, and I never, ever get let down.
This year is no different! This years haunt was amazing, as they had great scares,
and great scenes. They are all old school haunt, which is the reason why it makes number 2.
It is one of my all time favorite haunts.

Deadly Intentions

Warren, Michigan

Do we have to really explain why we chose Deadly Intentions as number one?? It tops the
list on everything: scares, gore, scenes, and everything we look for in a haunt
is under one roof. Nothing can ever beat Deadly Intentions.

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